figma 小野田坂道

im putting this here for me because christmas. 

Ive been watching american dad in my free time, having seen maybe a dozen episodes of it. Im gonna tell you something it’s so much better than family guy. I heard because mcfarlane barely touches it in production (it shows). Im up to the hot tub episode, which, I mean holy shit that was a great episode god DAMN. Cee lo green. God DAMN. 

How did you get into KR?

it’s actually not that hard. It seems daunting because there are so many series, but when you’re new it’s best to treat them as separate entities in which sometimes cool guys will come over and crash in the one your watching’s house.

and decade is a vagrant that wont leave. 

Anyway. It’s best to read some summaries and see which one fits you. Each series fluctuates wildly in tone and subject matter with the very general lattice of “guy gets hero belt kicks enemies” 

A good start is to pick up the one everyone’s watching. Which of course is Gaim right now. It’s on it’s tail end but still going for a few more weeks, plenty of time to catch up. But if you don’t wanna do that my go to recommendation is going with W. W is the best gateway series. Balances fun/serious well. Nice to look at. Good characters. Detectives. All around great. Then from there it’s just a matter of what you wanna do next. Every kamen rider series is bathed in it’s own share of cheese. Some like V3 being, to quote chester “dangerously cheesy”. But it’s a fun ride and I don’t regret donating a large chunk of my life to it. 

been goin hard at pokemon lately, I love solosis

I really liked smart dandy



Enjoy. :)

"Moon Animate Make Up" = Sailor Moon episode 38 re-animated by over 200 fans from all around the world.

Im very very impressed. What a gargantuan effort. 

man Im doing some reading an im pretty sure most of the names in big hero six, at least in the comics are not actual japanese names

I ended up drawing this as a request during tanabata but forgot to post it until now. Heres gwen in a traditional tanabata outfit.  

Are there pre-painted gundam sets?

Im pretty sure there are, although model kits aren’t really my speed. 

Im so worried I’ll fuck one up. 

i imgur com/fH1f6vw jpg is this you

Haha lord I wish I had all that merch. 

Shit, my collection is nothing to scoff at, but that’s next level. 

How do you feel about Tokyo Ghoul?

The manga or the anime? I like both. Although if I wanted to be a little picky I like the manga a smidge bit more. The designs for the characters aren’t bad, but I think rize was downgraded a bit in the anime. A lot of her original dialogue with kaneki was cut as well, and I really liked her secret coming out in the manga.

All in all Im impressed with pierrot remembering how to anime, and im excited to see more kaneki suffering. Solid enough for me, but this season’s been going good over all. 

I was only gonna watch one but I watched all three gits ovas because im trash 

Only the good stuff tonight, moving on to the ARISE ovas (ghost in the shell) 

zankyou no terror is good…

this is for my friend yap, I like it a lot though so im gonna post it here too