What would you say is the most 'emblematic' anime of each decade? Like, the 'most 80s' or the 'most 90s', etc.?

Well for japan or for america? 

In america anime was hard to come by in the 80’s I’ve had a few older people tell me about the dark times. It’s an interesting and harrowing set of tales. In the 80’s anime was incredibly niche, some of the first stuff to make it over here was,various hentai, some gundam, harlock etc. Then in the 90’s there was of course pokemon and I would call that the seminal 90’s anime for here because it was EVERYWHERE despite coming out rather late to be 90’s as hell. You couldn’t breath without seeing it and a craze like that really doesn’t come along often. In the 2000’s anime was of course a little more accessible, and with the rise of the modern internet it was easier to get a hold of things of course. We peaked in 2007 with a really weird weeaboo swine flu epidemic, something that’d I love reading war stories about, as many different things sort of came together to generate the conditions where that thrived. 

In Japan there was a lot in the 80’s and 90’s that set a lot of the practices still seen in the 2010’s today. 

By year we have- 

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it’s quick and dirty but I had to do something! Happy celebrations out there!


i like shitlord and jumpgood 


Homestuck…. homestuck is eternal…. 




hell yea.

So Steven Universe, some cool kids have been makin gemsonas for that shit and you know im on board 

Anyway this is Akky, which is short for Hackmanite which is a shitty name really but some dude discovered the stone so whatever. It’s an offshoot of Sodalite which is a blue purple stone found in russia/afghanistan. What makes this stone special is that it has something called  Tenebrescence, “also known as reversible photochromism, is the ability of minerals to change colour when exposed to sunlight.” It’s the same theory that makes glasses do the thing in sunlight. This stone does it naturally. One type of the stone starts off a purple color and fades to white in sunlight, then it’ll go back slowly when placed back in the dark.

Akky is much the same in that she can’t handle UV, she’s a nocturnal creature which makes her weapon useful. It’s called a kusarigama and it’s main attack style is based in the element of surprise. The chain is used to trip or catch enemies, then the short sickle is used for quick stabs.

Akky covers up much of her skin to protect from extended UV, it actually powers her up a la superman style but it makes her go berserk if she gets too much of it. 

everyone is talking about gemsonas now so this is mine 


budget wise im so proud to see that it’s been upped like crazy since part two

david production did a lot with what they had though, to be fair ( they’re good at that) but everything just looks so much more solid this season it’s like a totally different product

I love your senketsu he's so perfect I love



Thank you!! He loves you too


yuasa animated series yuasa animated series 

why is there no rule 63 ryuuko and humanized!senketsu?

it’s criminally underrepresented to even have female senketsu and shame on you for quantifying their relationship to sexual endgame they are perfect and precious im defense im defensive 

visual summary of me with sports anime