love that kanye

are you watching tribe cool crew

Just watched all three episodes out last night, it’s so cute??? oh my god????????

the cgi is a little jarring, but it’s not to bad honestly. the rest of the show is so well designed i can forgive itimage

look at how cute random character designs in this are

Here you go! Below I have Gaim poster. But can only submit one for now. <3 Thanks so much for letting me!


I really really really hope you don't mind but I turned your Kamen Rider Drive picture into a poster on my door. >.<

hell no, im honored, especially if it’s for personal use, take pictures and show them to me


Today i got an awsome gift out of the blue

She’s a vinyl based off of Iguana Girl!

I also got a junko mizuno figure, but she and her box are very beat up, she’s in halves, the poor thing, and she’s a little banged up.  

  But she was free so???? Im gonna fix her up and she’ll look great. 

Im atomiccc on flight rising if anyone wants to give me free shit (please give me free shit) 

I took requests a few days ago and then promptly didn’t do any of them. Here’s a bepis in apology

I picked the ugliest colors I could 



I need to sit the fuck down there is an anime character directly named after kanye a.k.a yeezy west….

Amagi brilliant park is good I like it. I like a more take-charge MC. Im only half way through but those are my preliminary thoughts.

I also always really like the fashion in kyo ani shows. 

Welp I ended up watching the whole thing before finishing this text post so-

I think the roller coaster tycoon premise is an interesting one, I also expected the main girl to be louder, but the cold type is more refreshing. It seems like from the scans theres gonna be a lot of different characters, and if they keep the light premise they’ve shown it could have decent comedic value. Of course the visuals are always good, but when are they not with this studio.

The actual realm of magic thing as well as the powers is a little… but we’ll just have to see. 

besides, it’s really like roller coaster tycoon with the addition of those. 

Like miku isn’t even real but that was so bad I feel like she personally is owed a fucking apology

opening requests again, gonna go get some stuff done for a few hours, be back in a bit to read these please reply to this?