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Now watch the rest of the Sadness Trilogy (Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy)

Oh I did I did, in sadness order I might add. I like best friends, I never really sat down to watch things with them before now. Or at least for a long while. I like how they talk about video game factoids as well as screaming.

At the behest of a friend I watched the Beyond two souls playthrough super best friends did. I had never seen anything 2 souls related beyond the trailer at E3 and general internet grumbling that it was bad so I was going in blind.

I went to bed angry and I woke up angry about how bad that game was. Im glad the friends were there to make light of what I view as an assault to my person in video game form. They were hilarious thank god.

gravity falls fandom

What's some utter garbage that you like watching anyway? Something you KNOW is shit but just can't help yourself.

Hoo boy, anon, this is a great ask because you’re gonna unearth a lot of shit about me here.

Okay, so much of what I like to do in my off time is nerd trash, weeb trash, even more nerd trash, and most of all weeb trash. This of course lets me consume all kind of shit and funnel it into my body. With weeb trash I have eclectic taste and I will put up with so much shit to get at things I like. Actually I can really just put that statement as an umbrella for everything that I like. 

Lately I’ve been watching the show Max Steel, which is toyline trash but not that bad. It’s OK. Lets see, Im keeping up with so many shows that I should have dropped ages ago on the pretense of “I got this far and somehow I need to justify wasting my time with this load”. Captain earth comes to my mind, off the top of my head. 

But the holy grail of horse shit that I continually expose myself to in a fucked up punishment I guess has to be YA or TEEN fiction. I devour that garbage like potato chips. Do you even have an idea of how tired I am of the “girl goes on adventure meets guy they get the fuck down” story. Just inject that shit with a war setting, paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction, whatever and apparently publishers lick it up. Or my other favorite “guy goes on adventure and meets mysterious girl”. This is repeated et all until the sun dies. I hate 99% of romance in media because it’s dumb. Im not even lashing out at a societal norm I swear it’s just the same shit over and over again. Especially love triangles. 

Part of me wants to write my own fiction with blackjack and hookers, but im too lazy/a bad writer/very bad grammatically. Anyway, despite this, I actively seek this shit out and read the less offensive ones and be mad the whole time. Every once in a while I get a decent one that makes it worth it. 

I also like a lot of terrible shit that is so terrible it’s excellent but that’s not that strange. 

You specified watching, but I kind of went into all media, sorry. 

I had the opportunity to binge read REAL while dodging other responsibilities and let me tell you there were only tears left. REAL is about basketball, wheelchair basketball. And underneath the guise of sports it is about the heart and soul of humanity. 

REAL will absolutely destroy you emotionally. It’s totally under my recommendations list. Not only is the art stunning, but the stories of the group of main characters are excellent. Please give it a read if you have the time. 



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Yo what the fuck. 


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all girls have the aspects of being a neet but the true neet is derived from all three

On a scale of very to ye, how excited are you for the klk ova?

I watched it 3 times before it even had subs and I cried and im still emotionally fragile. 


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Transformed Oedo Castle