im bringing this back

Ive been playing the love live android game and nozomi is my favorite. This is based off one of my favorite cards for her

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This… this is my first one of these I’ve ever gotten I blame me being very quiet on here. Please treat me well. 

URL: atomicpowered

Nickname: atomic
Birthday: 04/01/90

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight

Height: 5’11”

Current time zone: EST
Time and date: 10:43 08/29/2014

Last thing you googled: Batoto manga links (mangatraders going down has been hard on us all)
My most used phrase(s): “holy smokes”, “there’s the rub” probably a lot of swear words, “i love.” 

Last thing you said to a family member: “SHUT THE FUCK UP” (lovingly I promise)

Favorite beverage(s): cranberry juice
First word that comes to mind: moist
Place that makes you happy and why: the library because it’s brand new and quiet
Number of blankets you sleep under: one right now, three in the winter, it’s a king sized gray blanket, it’s way too big for the bed and has paint marks on it
Last movie watched at the cinema: guardians of the galaxy
3 things you can’t live without: anime/manga, good food, internet
Something you plan on learning: how to use corel painter
Piece of advice for your followers: Make connections, it will help you later in life


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really really excited 

Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai - Masayoshi Oishi

Anime: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

what do you hate that is popular?

Oh no anon dont force me to give my opinions!!

Nah for real i don’t care for RWBY much. I think it’s a wholly uninspired project that is rather lacking in the visual department. Clipping and MMD aside, I also find it to be a little schlocky.  

What is the WORST currently existing Japanese animation studio?

Well anon there’s a bunch of animation studios that nobody has heard of and have done one or two shitty works and that’s it. But I’m sure you meant worst popular studio. 

JC STAFF sucks recently because they without fail tend to do mediocre work across the board. THey have the money and the “talent” but do not fail to be unsatisfactory almost every time. 

Magic bus sort of sucks, the only good thing to their name being LOGH. 

And DEEN, well DEEN used to be great but had such a large fall from grace that it’s a universal laughingstock. 

XEBEC also used to do a lot of well known stuff, but lately they’re just good for a lot of softcore fanservice and that’s it. 

But Kamen Rider has to ride a motorcycle it's like the one rule of Kamen Rider, if they break that what's separating it from super sentai?

I cant hear you over the car engines anon

What are the odds of his mid-season upgrade being a motorcycle?

I can see it but im not sure, I mean do they want to squander a functional adult with a job and the ability to drive an actual motored vehicle?

Plus if its a multiple seater we have the ability to have multiple riders awkwardly riding in the same vehicle. Dont make me give that up.

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I'm looking forward to his inevitable confusion when he teams up with W

this is what taisen net movies are for





The first official scans of Kamen Rider Drive have leaked from Televikun! Shown in the scans for the first time is our main protagonist portrayed by Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真) who is a part of a Special Unit.

Credit goes to The Tokusatsu Network for the translations:

Shinnosuke Tomari, a car fanatic and police officer, transforms into Kamen Rider Drive. The high tech belt, Drive Driver, is actually Shinnosuke’s partner and it’s able to talk. Drive Driver supports Shinnosuke during fights with advice, and Shinnosuke tends to call it, “Mr. Belt (belt-san)“.

Shinnosuke transforms by changing a Shift Car into Lever Mode and then inserting it to the Shift Bracelet.

Kamen Rider Drive is also equipped with different Shift Cars that can change the tire on his body and his attributes. Such as the Midnight Shadow, this Shift Car makes Drive more ninja-like. Other Shift Cars include Max Flare and Funky Spike.

loving all of this including confirmed policeman and the fact he’s a car fanatic WHO CALLS HIS BELT BELT-SAN

God he is going to be so fucking adorable

holy shit this looks so neat. So his tire changes with forms, not his suit. Plus he’s hella adorable!! And he’s smiling, and the belt talks so I hope this season will be more lighthearted and funny. And is this the first time the belt actually talked back?

Oh my god drive right into my heart.

A request that I’ve secretly been wanting to do for a long time. Chiyo and a paras. 

A request that I’ve secretly been wanting to do for a long time. Chiyo and a paras. 

So since everyone is bringing up webcomics of old, lets talk about this gem. Megatokyo. Look at these two comics, besides one being messier than the other, and a bit darker, what do we first notice? These two are 10 years apart, to the day.

This dude has been making this thing for more than a decade. Look, we all grow at different rates, but stagnation rarely looks like this, especially with 1000 strips in between these two comics. So next time you feel bad about your craft, just remember you’re not megatokyo